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The NoICE centre operates with the help of a pool of experts that are led by the NoICE business manager Petra Ylitalo. The expert pool consists of a wide range of specialists and researchers, mainly from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University, Umeå University and University of Vaasa, with competences that all complement each other. By utilizing our broad network and connecting and matching the right skill sets to the needs, NoICE is able to succesfully take on a wide range of icing problems.

Does your company have issues with icing? Don't hesitate to be in contact!

Petra Ylitalo

Petra Ylitalo

Don't hesitate to contact us with any question. We are very interested to hear about how you deal with different icing issues today and if you would like to know about other solutions.

Do you have an icing issue you want us to take a look at?

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