Behind the NoICE Nordic Centre of Expertise is a Interreg Botnia-Atlantica project active between 9/2018 - 2/2022.

The primary goal of the NoICE project is to build the foundation for this competence centre and preparing for the centre's future. The project's as well as the centre's work is to address problems with atmospheric and precipitation icing experienced by the private and public sector in the Botnia-Atlantica area.

The project carried out knowledge transfer of icing by supporting local industry with course activities and training opportunities with focus on anti-icing and de-icing technologies. NoICE contracted with local economic development groups to build a broad communication network between stakeholders affected by icing problems. The centre then uses these business networks as primary channels to the industries and as a way to get feedback regarding specific problems related to icing. One final step is to establish a plan for how the centre should live on and be further developed after project completion.

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